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2008 NAFA FIELD MEET UPDATE  - Amarillo, TX  Nov 23-29, 2008

HOWDY Y’ALL!! How bout you plan on moseying down yonder way and experience some good ol’ fashion Texas hospitality?

Texas falconers and the Texas Hawking Association are happy to welcome the North American Falconers’ Association back to Amarillo for another exciting field meet. What’s so special about Amarillo you may ask? After the Texas hospitality it’s simple – the game. The Texas panhandle offers something for everyone; cottontails and jack rabbits, quail and pheasant, even a few squirrels, oh and let us not forget those ducks. Texas and duck hawking have become synonymous and you would be hard pressed to find the perfect slips Texas has to offer anywhere else. Cattle ranches, stock tanks, and the wide open spaces beckon longwingers from a far.

If dirt hawking is your game then Amarillo is also your place. Jack rabbits and cottontails are plentiful and always easy to find. If you fancy a feathered quarry of a different kind, quail and pheasant are common throughout the Texas panhandle.

Everything is BIG in Texas, including the NAFA meets. Bring your birds, bring your dogs, and most importantly, bring your family. Amarillo is where you step into the real Texas, come experience it. Make this year’s Thanksgiving that family vacation. There’s Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Cadillac Ranch, America’s Mother Road - the Historic Route 66, Big Texan Steak Ranch (home of the 72 oz. steak), museums of all sorts, and shopping malls galore. With all that there is simply no excuse for you not to come to Texas for the 2008 NAFA Field Meet. Come help make this a NAFA meet to remember.

The Hawk Chalk issue includes the 2008 NAFA Meet Pre-Registration Form. Please take the time to complete your registration form ahead of time. You’ve all heard it before, your filling out the form and returning it ahead of the meet allows us to better prepare to ensure the meet surpasses everyone’s expectations. So please help us help you.

Brandi Quick will be handling the meet registration with assistance from Ann Halligan and other volunteers. If you have any questions about the meet registration forms please contact Brandi by email at or by phone at (940)507-0333.

The meet registration Fee is $45.00 if your registration is received before November 1st or $60.00 at the meet. The registration fee includes admission to all meet programs and events, the meet print, a meet pin, a meet patch, a meet mug, the meet program, and your name badge which must be worn for admission to the nightly programs.

The field meet headquarters will be at the Holiday Inn located at 1911 I-40 East. To ensure you receive the negotiated rate please call (806)372-8741 and mention you are with NAFA. The contracted rate for the 2008 NAFA field meet is $59.00 and the price includes a hot buffet breakfast Monday through Saturday. (You must be wearing your name badge for the breakfast buffet.)

The Holiday Inn is a full service hotel with amenities that include an indoor pool, jacuzzi, fitness center, billiards, and video games for the kids, no matter what their size. Our host hotel boasts the most “green space” available in Amarillo, something we falconers require.

Amarillo has plenty of campgrounds or RV parks. For assistance with RVs and camping please contact Sheldon Nicolle at or by phone at (214)288-0670. For a complete list of campgrounds in and around Amarillo please see:

Hunting licenses and endorsements may be purchased ahead of time online or when you arrive in Texas from any sporting goods or outdoors store. For online purchases go to:

At the time of this update Texas offers a couple of hunting license options, depending on the length of your stay:

• Non-resident 5-Day Special Hunting (Type 157): $45
Legal for any period of 5 consecutive days (valid hunting dates will be printed on the license when issued). Valid to hunt: exotic animals, all legal game birds (except turkeys), all non-game animals, squirrel, javelina and alligator (not valid for other game animals, NOT VALID FOR DEER). Stamp endorsement requirements apply.

Or the…

• Non-resident Special Hunting (Type 107): $125
Valid to hunt: exotic animals, all legal game birds (NOT VALID FOR TURKEY), all non-game animals, squirrel, javelina and alligator (not valid for other game animals, NOT VALID FOR DEER). Stamp endorsement requirements apply.

Other requirements… (dependent on the quarry you intend to hunt…)

• Upland Game Bird Stamp Endorsement (Type 167): $7
Required to hunt turkey, pheasant, quail, lesser prairie chicken, or chachalaca. Non-residents who purchase the Non-resident Spring Turkey License are exempt from this stamp endorsement requirement.

• Texas Migratory Game Bird Stamp Endorsement (Type 168): $7
Required to hunt any migratory game bird (waterfowl, coot, rail, gallinule, snipe, dove, sandhill crane, and woodcock). A valid Federal Duck Stamp and HIP Certification are also required of waterfowl hunters 16 years of age or older. A free Federal Sandhill Crane Hunting Permit is required to hunt sandhill crane.

• Harvest Information Program (HIP) Certification (Type 137): FREE
This certification is required to hunt any migratory game bird.

• Texas DOES NOT require an import permit or health certificate, however, please be mindful of states you may traverse and their specific rules and regulations when traveling to Texas.

• Hunters Education – Every hunter (including out-of-state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must have successfully completed a Hunter Education Training Course.

• Federal Migratory Game Bird Stamp

This years keynote and guest speakers will no doubt enlighten and entertain us. There have been no commitments at this point, but plans are underway to secure some of the best speakers befitting of a Texas meet. More details will be announced as they become available.

After redefining the position of Rafflemeister in Texas, Krys Langevin will be tackling the dubious task of NAFA Rafflemeister. There is something new this year – trialed in Texas and being attempted for the first time at the national level – raffle ticket pre-sales. Here’s the deal, if you pre-register, pre-purchasing your raffle tickets at the same time, you can take advantage of one free raffle ticket for every 10 tickets you purchase offering.

Pre-purchase 10 $1.00 raffle tickets – you get 11 $1.00 raffle tickets (1 free.)
Pre-purchase 100 $1.00 raffle tickets – you get 110 $1.00 raffle tickets (10 free.)

And the same goes for the $5.00 tickets…
Pre-purchase 10 $5 raffle tickets – you get 11 $5.00 raffle tickets (1 free)
Pre-purchase 100 $5 raffle tickets – you get 110 $5.00 raffle tickets (10 free)

The goal with this offer is two fold. First, it helps speed the raffle process along, allowing folks to have the raffle tickets in hand rather than having to search for someone sell them tickets. Secondly, having the ability to purchase some tickets ahead of time using a check or your credit card also allows you to make better use of that cash allowance your husband or wife sends with you to the NAFA meet.

If you have any questions about the raffle or if you would simply like to donate to the raffle please contact Krys Langevin at or by phone at (817)528-9743. Vendors, let this be your warning, Krys will again be on the rampage.

Vendors who will be coming to Amarillo and require table space must reserve their space ahead of time. Space may become an issue so please contact Sheldon Nicolle at your earliest convenience. Space will be assigned on a first come first serve basis so please contact Sheldon via email at or cell at (214)288-0670.

The weathering yard is arguably the most important aspect of any falconry field meet. In an attempt to ensure continuity in the position of weathering yard warden and because this individual has earned a level of trust few others ever do and with so many us, it is only fitting that we asked Rich Borquist to return as weathering yard warden. Rich has become a fixture and his presence is reassuring to many of us that weather our birds. Thanks for stepping up Rich.

Jimmy Walker. Need I say more? For those who know Jimmy, you know we couldn’t be in any better hands. This year he has the added benefit and assistance of two of the panhandle’s finest helping in securing spots to hunt our birds – Don and Jordan Carroll. Initial reports are we will have plenty of space and access to hunt our birds.

As the persons ultimately responsible for the success of the 2008 NAFA Field Meet please rest assured that both Debbie and I will be working diligently to cover all the bases. If you have any ideas or recommendations please feel free to drop us an email or call anytime and let us know. You never know, you may be the first to have that great idea.

Debbie Tennyson

Sheldon Nicolle

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